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I hope it will produce some viable seeds. 137186535 Various Epiphytes on Cedar Tree Neoreglias, ferns, orchids, Rhipsalis, Tillandsias, etc... 137186536 138490682 138490458 138490684 138490685 138490690 138490461 138490462 138490464 138490466 138490467 138490468 138490683 138490686 138490687 138490689 151573015 My epi tree has begun. 151573016 Close up of plants on epi tree 151573017 plants on epi tree. 151573018 plants on epi tree 151573019 native fern on epi tree. 151573020 More ferns 151573021 Native orchids. 151573022 151573023 brom garden 151573024 New bromeliad garden This is a new garden . There are red bananas and other larger plants yet to grow. 151573025 155289544 155289545 155289546 155289547 155289548 155289549 155289550 155289551 Ceologyne ochracea? Any ideas what species this might be? 155459656 Dendrobium orchid Posted by Irene. 158132021 Begonia boliviensis growing Epiphytically Dang man! This is one great Begonia! How come I didn't add it sooner?? Each week it has more flowers so I was strongly tempted to wait another week to share a photo of it. But that's what I've been doing for the past several months... It's not an epiphyte (that I know of) but it sure is happy on the tree. It's growing on the shady side of the tree...more than one story up. I created a pocket for it using coco fiber basket liner. The pocket is stuffed with a couple handfulls of New Zealand Sphagnum. It's relatively drought tolerant. Recently I've been watering every other night. However, during our last hotspell I missed a watering and the next day the boliviensis was slightly wilty. But it perked up just fine after I watered that night. Growing immediately beneath the boliviensis is an orchid... Cyrtochilum serratum. The serratum is doing really well and has beautiful pseudobulbs...but it has yet to bloom. Even though it has the opportunity to crawl towards the sunny side of the tree, it seems to just want to stay on the shady side. Maybe the recent winters haven't been cold enough to encourage it to bloom. Beneath the orchid is an Echeveria that grew from seeds that I sowed on the tree last year. You can see another one growing in the root basket of the Ansellia africana ( I had no idea that Echeverias were so easy to grow from seed. 160728834 Kalanchoe uniflora Growing Epiphytically Kalanchoe uniflora is an epiphytic succulent from Madagascar. Here you can see it blooming on my tree this last winter. It's easily in my top 5 list of favorite succulents for growing epiphytically. 160728835 Ansellia africana Ansellia africana is a contender for the driest growing epiphytic orchid from Africa. It is the only epiphytic orchid not only in Botswana but in Namibia as well. It is sometimes found growing on Baobab trees. Here's an awesome habitat photo of Ansellia africana... As is ideally suited for growing on trees here in Southern California. It would be really really great to see these growing epiphytically at our local botanical gardens...rather than in large pots sitting on the ground...not going to mention any names...The LA Arboretum :D The one in the photo had three spikes this year...but only two are visible in the photo. Unfortunately, the flowers get in my way when I climb the tree so they get kinda beat up. Ansellia africana has two types of roots. One type crawls along the branch and the other type grows straight up in the air and creates a liter "basket". This liter basket captures falling leaves and branches. The basket is super convenient for sowing all types of seeds and adding succulent cuttings to. Last year, as one of my crazy experiments, I sowed a gazillion seeds from my largest Echeveria all over the tree. You can see one of the larger seedlings very happily growing in the Ansellia's basket...several larger seedlings growing in the Dendrobium speciosum's basket ( and another large seedling ( growing beneath a Begonia boliviensis. This Echeveria forms a very thick and tall stalk. The one in my front yard has a stalk perhaps around 2' tall. Of course I couldn't resist attaching an orchid to it! It will be interesting to see what happens when the Echeveria growing in the Ansellia's root basket starts developing a trunk. Perhaps the Ansellia will attach its roots to the Echeveria's trunk. Or perhaps I'll attach an orchid to its trunk. 160728836 Sinningia cardinalis Growing Epiphytically Sinningia cardinalis, Tradescantia sillamontana and Dockrillia teretifolium in bloom last October. Both the Sinningia and the Tradescantia are deciduous. 160728837 Tillandsia angustifolia Native from Minas Gerais - Brazil. Growing in my garden. 162241301 Tillandsia recurvata Native from Minas Gerais - Brazil. Growing all over my garden. 162241302 Neoregelia 'Royal Burgundy' Growing in my garden. 162241303 Sophronitella violacea Native from Minas Gerais - Brazil. Growing in my garden. 162241304 Aechmea bromeliifolia Native from Minas Gerais - Brazil. Growing in my garden. 162241305 Aechmea bromeliifolia, Billbergia amoena and Aechmea lingulatoides Growing in my garden. 162241306 Sempervivums This is a test. It's hard to keep Sempervivums under brazilian weather, so i'm trying a way to grow them like this. Wish me luck! 162242007 Cattleya amethystoglossa Native from Bahia - Brazil. Growing in my garden. 162242008 Tillandsia sp. Native from Minas Gerais - Brazil. Growing in my garden. 162242009 Billbergia horrida var. tigrina Native from Minas Gerais - Brazil. Growing in my garden. 162242010 View 163494538 Xero's bromeliads 163494539 xCryptbergia 163494540 Neoregelia dungsiana 163494541 Neoregelia pauciflora 163494542 Neoregelia lilliputiana 163494543 Neoregelia amandae 163494544 Neoregelia zonata 163494545 Platycerium bifurcatum 163494546 Billbergia 'Fantasia' 163494547 Aechmea recurvata var. benrathii 163494548 Neoregelia lilliputiana in flowering 165764231 Germinating Collospermum hastatum I was recently given a quantity of Collospermum seed and after a 4 month wait, they've finally germinated! Posted by Ned 170830634 Germinating Collospermum hastatum A friend of mine recently gave me a quantity of Collospermum seed, and after a 4 month wait they've finally germinated! Posted by Ned 170830635 Collospermum hastatum A friend of mine recently gave me this small Collopermum. Hopefully it will be big enough by the spring to go out in the garden! Posted by Ned 170830636 Raccoon With Epiphytes Three adult raccoons were stomping all over my epiphytes!! 172068707 171088772 171088773 177464723 177464724 177464725 177464726 177464727 177464728 177464729 177464730 Bromeliad on Platycerium a Bromeliad growing on a Platycerium 177393393 Home jungle Our yard in Cauca, Colombia 177393394 Epiphyte tree Cauca, Colombia 177393395 Assorted Epiphytes Cauca, Colombia 177393396 Platycerium Cauca, Colombia 177393397 Platycerium superbum and P. elephantotis Cauca, Colombia 177393398 Plant on plant Cauca, Colombia 177393399 Bumble Bee Bumble Bee on a Globe Artichoke (Cynara cardunculus var. scolymus) flower. (Jane) 183482303 Neoregelia Growing in my garden (Jane). 183482857 Neoregelia Growing in my garden (Jane). 183482883 Neoregelia Growing in my garden (Jane). 183483008 Neoregelia Growing in my garden (Jane). 183482928 Vriesea hieroglyphica Growing in my garden (Jane). 183483019 Bromeliad alongside Cactus flower Growing in my garden (Jane). 183483102 Bilbergia flower spike Growing in my garden (Jane). 183483103 Aechmia Growing in my garden (Jane). 183483105 Aechmea Growing in my garden (Jane). 183483181 Aechmea fasciata Growing in my garden (Jane). 183483109 Neoregelia Growing in my garden (Jane). 183483110 Vriesea Growing in my garden (Jane). 183483194 Neoregelia Growing in my garden (Jane). 183483195 Guzmania Growing in my garden (Jane). 183483125 Banana Mons Mari Banana Mons Mari (Musa acuminata Mons Mari) dwarf 2.5 m, growing alongside the house. (Jane) 183483126 Aechmea recurvata 'Inky' Growing in my garden (Jane) 183483337 Neoregelia Growing in my garden (Jane). 183483542 Vriesea Growing in my garden (Jane) 183483472 Bromeliad I hope someone can provide a name 186107154 Tillandsia its growing in a pot with some bark and compost. need advice please 186107155 Orchid unidentified help with identification please and some advice on how to mount it properly. 186107156 Bromeliad I hope someone can provide the name 186108790