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Viewing photos of other members epiphyte trees posted on this website has made me realise how silly human nature really is.For instance I would love it if I could grow philodendron species (Ricks tree) or moss (Neds tree) but my climate dictates that I can grow neither and yet I am green with envy (How very silly) I am actually very satisfied with what I have managed to achieve in my particular climate but it's human nature to always want what someone else has. I guess that is why we even bother to make an epiphyte tree in the first place. We see trees festooned with epiphytes in nature and because of our human nature we want to have that look in our gardens

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Ned Lomax
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I agree that a mossy tree is a really lovely thing, but the down side to our climate here is that we have to deal with the possiblity of frosts. My struggle is less with human nature and more with Mother Nature!

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I think that everyone who has a garden struggles with nature mainly because a garden as such is completely unnatural, But that brings me back to human nature.We would not be satisfied with whatever grew naturally on our sections even if it was virgin local forest.We would still be poking other plants in here and there to "improve" the forest (needs more flowering plants etc)

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we grow what we can and accept what the heavy frost destroys!

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Rick Martin
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There is a certain 3 dimensionality in working an epiphye tree compared to ground planting. It could be considered a unique form of gardening with its highly expressive and artistic development, few practise it, hence the need for this dedicated forum. I hope interest will continue.

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