Epiphyte tree

Epiphytes growing in trees of subtropical style garden plus photos of garden flora and fauna.

Simple epiphyte mounting

Here are some simple ways to mount epiphytes.Method 1 If you have a root bound plant in the correct potting media (Orchid mix never peat based potting mix) remove it from the pot and cut the root ball vertically two thirds of the way up.Then make a hole through the root ball roughly the diameter of the branch [Fig 1] Place the cut over the branch, be sure to choose a part of the branch that has a small branch stub or similar to prevent the plant rotating on the branch.To avoid unsightly string skewer the cut sides together with sharp sticks and fill any gaps with sphagnum moss [Fig 2] .The plants roots will very quickly grow back through the two sides .Trim the sticks off neatly and poke holes in the root ball and plant up small plants or cuttings [Fig3] .In this example the main plant is Dendrobium  kingianum and the root ball is planted with Dendrobium keiki's and an Epiphyllum cutting in the base.In a year or two you will not see any of the root ball and you will have an awesome looking clump of plants on the branch. I have used this method to mount potted plants up to 300 mm pot size potted plant mount and another                 

  Method 2. To attach small plants and cuttings to a branch simply tie a strip of coconut fibre to the branch at an angle [Fig 4] .Then add some sphagnum moss and orchid potting mix (Bark based) under the coconut fibre and wrap another turn of fibre Then insert plant or cutting [Fig 5] simply repeat tilll you have covered as much of the branch as you want.Remember to place plants alternately on both sides of the branch to get good coverage and to ensure that the roots or rhizomes of your plants intertwine and form a well attached and continuous mat.Keep all new plantings moist but not wet untill established.In this example a piece of Davallia fern is shown .     Fern photo

Mounting a potted plant

To mount a potted plant on the tree I remove it from the pot and remove most of the growing media (usually peat based potting mix) Then I drape the roots over the branch (half one side half the other) and I cover the roots and encircle the branch with the growing media and tie with any string that will rot in twelve months or so.This way the plants roots will also encircle the branch making the plant very secure even in a high wind zone.Once the plant has been secured to the branch smaller plants or cuttings can be planted in the lower portion of the growing media.Phormium

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