Epiphyte tree

Epiphytes growing in trees of subtropical style garden plus photos of garden flora and fauna.

How I mount epiphytes 2

Here we have Agapanthus (Not an epiphyte but able to handle extremely dry conditions) growing in the rotted bases of Phoenix palm fronds used as growing media                                               

Here is the trunk of a well established Fuchsia                                                                           

Here is a Dendrobium with Microsorum fern                                                                              

Another Dendrobium with Pyrrosia fern                                                                                     

Here is a Collospermum with Microsorum fern                                                                           

Here is Billbergia with Davalia fern.The reason I so often use epiphytic ferns with my other epiphytes is that the ferns rhizomes can easily keep up with the expanding girth of the branch and therefore the growing media will not split in half which can result in the epiphyte blowing of the tree Also the ferns rhizomes become a growing media in themselves over time.

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