Epiphyte tree

Epiphytes growing in trees of subtropical style garden plus photos of garden flora and fauna.

How I mount Epiphytes

  Here I have planted bromeliads on the top of the branch and hatiora hanging underneath They do not need much growing media but it is important that it encircles the branch so that the plants roots will also encircle the branch making them secure in high winds. 

Here is a view of the same group of plants from the other side.Note newly added clump on right still held on with string.Once the plants roots have secured all the growing media to the branch the string will be removed (About 12 months)                        Here is a view of another group of plants.This time the plant on top of the branch is Collospermum with hatiora and epiphyllum cacti hanging below.                                                                      


This is a view of the upper part of the same group showing the collospermum and an epiphytic fern.Also note the smoothness of the Pin oaks branches which is why I cannot attach epiphytes directly onto the branches without using some growing media.If the bark was deeply fissured then I could simply tie the plants roots straight on to the branch with the addition of some sphagnum moss.                                                                                                                                   


And here is a close up of the other side of the same group Note how the growing media and consequently the plants roots encircle the branch.This group was initially tied on to the branch but is now completely self supporting.

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